The page is here to explain the basic pros and cons of the different type of Virtual Reality experience. Each of them have its pluses and minuses leading to different cases where one or another is more suitable than the others. In the detailed description you will also find demo of each type.

360 Panorama

  • Best visual quality
  • Works on most devices
  • Playable in the web browser
  • Playable on VR Headset
  • Easy to distribute via QR code
  • Can be compiled in a VR tour
  • May requires several to cover the full space

Unreal Engine

  • Good visual quality
  • Freely move in the space
  • Scene interaction
  • Realtime materials changes
  • Realtime assets changes
  • Playable on VR Headset and desktop
  • Requires high-end gaming PC or mobile device

Augmented Reality

  • Medium visual quality
  • Easy to distribute via QR code
  • Requires high-end mobile device
  • Requires app to be installed by the viewer

360 Panorama

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